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Different types of materials and shapes need to be studied and represented, using the most modern technologies in combination with traditional systems, so that they can provide the greatest amount of information to industry professionals, both restorers and art historians and architects.


Very often, in the field of restoration, there are elaborate graphics and photographs that can not be correlated with each other, heterogeneous documentation that is impossible to connect to a single system of information; Regarding restoration documentation, the methodology adopted by Studio 3R is designed to integrate the actual survey with observations of degradation and the interventions made by the restorers.

This objective is achieved thanks to the rigorous documentation and survey methodology used to support the observations by operators of the sector. In conclusion, in these years of work, a very significant aspect has emerged: the close collaboration that has always been sought between figures with different skills and abilities has led to results that are difficult to replicate in other areas. This work system enables to fully manage the complex documentation required for a proper restoration, bringing together all the heterogeneous documentation from different professional figures.

Examples of fruitful collaboration are those carried out together with the Central Institute for Restoration of Rome (now the Central Institute for Conservation and Restoration) and those realized with the Reverend Factory of Saint Peter during the restoration of the Vatican Necropolis for the Jubilee of the year 2000.