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Angela Bizzarro, Alessandro Tilia and Sven Stefano Tilia began their activity in the field of Cultural Heritage in 1982, working with institutions from all over Italy and abroad for projects of enhancement, survey and restoration of ancient monuments.


The knowledge and enhancement of a cultural site begins with intense documentation activities, using the most modern technologies available today and integrating them together, then passing on a ‘narrative’ that takes into account the historical-archaeological, architectural and interpretation research, added value linked to the whole cultural context.

Proper topographic documentation is the fundamental basis of any operation linked to the documentation of a monument, an archaeological area or a territory.


Traditional methods and innovative tools for the survey and graphic/digital documentation of cultural heritage.

Studio 3R members have gained profound knowledge in over twenty years of activity both in the archaeological and monumental fields as well as in the study of the territory. The ability to utilize innovative and constantly evolving tools, methods and techniques is based on rigorous research methods and traditional documentation techniques that focus on understanding the data, regardless of the instruments used.

In Italy the most significant experiences are linked to collaborations with prestigious International Cultural Institutes, which include:
The Swedish Institute for Classical Studies in Rome (San Giovenale Archaeological Map), the Norwegian Institute (GIS and documentation at Santa Maria Antiqua – Roman Forum), Central Institute of Restoration of Rome (documentation and GIS of the House of Vettii – Pompei), St. Peter’s Factory, The Vatican Necropolis and the Navicella mosaic. Studio 3R also participated in wide-ranging national and international projects with ENEA – CETMA, and CNR. In particular, Studio 3R has been dealing with the Documentation / GIS sector since 2006 in the cooperation projects of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Iraqi Kurdistan, in collaboration with IsIAO, followed by the ‘Sapienza’ University of Rome and with The MiBACT.


Studio 3R operates in the fields of study, conservation, restoration and enhancement of historical, artistic, archaeological, architectural and environmental heritage.

Studio 3R members have gained their experience in collaboration with major National Institutes: ENEA, Central Institute for Restoration of Rome, Is.I.A.O. (Italian Institute for Africa and the Orient), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Oriental Art Museum of Rome, Swedish Institute for Classical Studies in Rome, Quirinale Palace – Rome, Archaeological Superintendency of Rome, Archaeological Superintendency of Ostia, Archaeological Superintendency of Umbria, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan, “l’Orientale” University of Naples, University of Naples, Suor Orsola Benincasa, Naples, Vatican (St. Peter’s Factory).

Many activities have been carried out over the years in the field of major projects and restoration of ancient monuments in foreign countries:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Development Cooperation: work carried out in nations such as Yemen, China, Egypt;
  • In collaboration with ISIAO and the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’ in the Autonomous Region of Iraqi Kurdistan;
  • In collaboration with the Catholic University of Sacred Heart – Milan in Pakistan;
  • In collaboration with the Athens Archaeological School in Crete and Lemnos – Greece;
  • In collaboration with the University of Naples ‘L’Orientale’, mission of Axum – Ethiopia, mission in Wadi Gawasis – Egypt;
  • In collaboration with the University of Bologna, mission in Persepolis – Iran.